Top 9 Cheap Essay Writing Tips to Make Writing Easier

Many students think that using big phrases and hard vocabulary is going to earn them better grades in the essay writing assignment but it is not true. While writing, whether it is for academic or personal purposes, is not a cakewalk but with true commitment and dedication, one can easily write compelling essays. However, having an inspirational mind and flair for writing is a must, to begin with.

So, if you have all these traits in your personality and even then you are unable to compose a flawless paper, you must be lacking something. It might be a shortage of time or vagueness in the essay writing tips that prevent you from composing a top-notch essay. But you can consider this challenge as an opportunity to learn, enhance your writing skills, and grow your abilities.

Plus, you don’t have to do this alone. We bring forward a list of 9 brilliant essay writing tips to help you write a powerful essay in no time. Just remember, a flawless essay only requires a simple idea, relevant content, and adept writing skills.

9 Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

1.    Understand the Essay Prompt

Whether you have picked the essay topic yourself or the professor has assigned it to you, ensure reading it multiple times to grasp what is being asked. Once you know, you can easily identify the type of essay and write accordingly. It can either be a discussion, evaluation, comparison, contrasting, or an explanation. In case you can’t understand the topic yourself, you must ask questions or seek expert help for better understanding.

2.    Make Up Your Mind

Nobody can forcefully make you write an essay. If you have no ideas in mind, all you’ll deliver is a monotonous essay with no meaningful purpose and several errors. So, the pro tip is to only start writing when you have something in your mind that you want to communicate to your reader. Until then, explore things, find the inspiration that is missing, read more, and practice your content delivery skills.

3.    Be Specific

You might not be a detail-oriented person in real life but your readers need that extra explanation to keep their interest intact with your write-up. Moreover, it is important not only for this but also to raise the overall quality of the paper. Consider this following example to give a clear concept.

  • I visited many countries in the past three months.
  • I visited seven countries in the last three months, including London, Venice, Dubai, China, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Turkey.

Now, it is on you to decide which of the following two sentences you find interesting. Which of them gives you better insight into the vacation?

4.    Use Active Voice

Experts encourage writers to use active voice in their writings as it is easier to understand. Also, it makes the subject-matter clear, more concise, and straight-forward. However, you can use passive voice as well but only at instances where it is required. Otherwise, always try to use active voice to emphasize what you are trying to say in the particular section. Understand the difference in active and passive voice through this example:

  • I wrote an essay.
  • An essay is written by me.

Which one is more appealing to you?

5.    Avoid Redundancy

Sometimes when you have lesser content for your essay, you start repeating yourself. This doesn’t set a good image of you as a writer but it also makes your writing boring. Because readers want new information in every section and reading the same content again and again just affects their interest. Moreover, redundancy can be of either words or sentences. Avoid using the same meaning words, for instance, blend together, but yet, the end result, and many more.

6.    Keep Paragraphs Short

We understand you have so much information to write on the topic but trust us, nobody is going to read it if it is written in one paragraph. You will have to divide it into equal sections while carefully putting all the relevant information in one paragraph. Also, each paragraph must be in sync with the next one to ensure the content flow is correct. If you keep all these things in mind while writing, your paper is deemed to be perfect in all ways.

7.    Prepare For Both Sides of Arguments

Consider both sides of the arguments whenever you are writing a complex essay. It helps you in picking up the better side and allows you to focus all your main points in that direction. You can also include the arguments that oppose your ideas and then back your pointers with credible sources to prove its credibility. This way, you will learn more about the topic and enrich your essay with an excellent vocabulary and authentic information.

8.    Follow the Standardised Essay Format

As every writing has its particular format, learning how to write an essay is the first step you should do. Therefore, after understanding the topic, plan the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay. The introduction is supposed to introduce your topic to your readers with the main argument mentioned clearly. Next, in the body section, you need to explain, argue, or describe according to the nature of your essay. Make sure you provide relevant information and follow the basic structure. Lastly, the conclusion is the summary of your essay where you have to restate the main points and give your opinions about the topic.

9.    Focus On Editing

After finishing up the essay, you must reread it and look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Also, ensure paying attention to details and checking the logical and transitional flow of the content. If you think you won’t have enough time to evaluate your paper before submission, hire a cheap essay writing service to do it for you.

All in all, writing is an on-going learning journey that takes a different turn with every other format and style. So, if you want to perfect your compositional skills, all you need to do is practice and practice harder each day until you are satisfied with your papers. Also, remember to consider these nine writing tips before you start with your next project!

Good luck!

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