Online Proofreading Service to Enhance the Quality of Your Academic Papers

If you have already written your academic paper and are only looking for someone to proofread your document, then don’t look further. We at 7 Dollar Essays take pride in being one of the top English Proofreading services in the UK. We believe that writing an academic paper is more than just putting words together. With the help of our expert writers, you can now sit back and relax; and let our writers help you in proofreading your document. As beginner writers, you may not be able to vigilantly proofread and catch your mistakes. You need another perspective to review your paper. This is where we step in!

Why Proofreading Your Academic Paper Is Important?

We believe a single mistake in your paper involving a punctuation mark or a simple typo can portray your unprofessional image. Realizing this, at 7 Dollar Essays our essay writers provide an efficient and quick proofreading service to help you ace in your academic career.

As this is the final stage of the writing process, most students feel exhausted and end up skipping this necessary process. But never mind, we understand that writing an entire paper can be tiring and you can trust us with your paper review and proofreading, letting us correct your errors.

Our Proofreading Checklist

To make your paper flawless, we follow our proofreading checklist. It contains all the necessary elements to ensure that your paper is perfectly drafted before handing over the final file to you.

Here’s what we review to make your files professionally edited.

  • Formatting style of the paper
  • Usage of English grammar
  • Vern tense consistency
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Usage of active and passive voice
  • Repetition of words
  • Mechanics of the required type of paper

Documents That Our Professional Writers Can Proofread

We, at 7 Dollar Essays believe that an ideal paper can be prepared only when it is free from all grammatical and punctuation errors. You cannot complete your assignments by putting simply putting your ideas. You need to follow conventions and standards of your relevant field, present a convincing argument to your readers, and strike the right tone. Our team of academic writers can handle the final steps of your paper professionally.

The papers that our highly qualified writers can proofread include, but are not limited to.

  • Academic manuscripts
  • Journal articles
  • Research proposals
  • Personal statement
  • Capstone projects
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Admission essays
  • PhD Dissertations
  • Thesis
  • Reports

Authentic Professional Proofreading Services Offered By 7 Dollar Essays

7 Dollar Essays takes pride in offering almost all kinds of academic papers’ proofreading services. Our service includes basic proofreading, polishing and editing, without changing the written concepts and quick turnaround time. Feel free to place your order by clicking “Proofread my paper” and let us handle the rest!