6 Resources for Parents to Help Build Students Writing Skills

Teaching writing to your kids at home is like moving a mountain with your bare hands. Because at first, they are unwilling to grab the pen and paper. Later, when they are convinced after so many chocolate bribes and scolding, you’re missing the right plan to continue. However, this makes the learner lose interest in writing due to the significant amount of drop in their enthusiasm level.

Undoubtedly, it is not easy to make your children study at home, let alone make them practice their writing skills. But to succeed in life, learning how to effectively create an impeccable yet inspiring content is important. Because in the future, there will be moments where they would be required to show their compositional skills to either get admission into their desired college or land the job of their dreams. Therefore, it is only possible when you, being their parents, show them the right way to convert their thoughts and ideas into a perfect writing piece.

So, are you wondering how can you start the writing learning process? Go through these 6 powerful resources to begin teaching your kids about writing at a young age.

6 Resources to Improve Your Children’s Writing Proficiency

When we say writing, it doesn’t only mean putting your thoughts into words. But it also means content quality, language fluency, proper syntax, excellent vocabulary, and a decent convention. Therefore, all these resources mentioned below ensures that your kid learns all these five factors and enjoy writing like any other thing.

1.    Merriam-Webster’s Word Central

Who doesn’t like games and activities that are demanding and a bit challenging for the human brain? Well, the Word Central platform offers superior word power and language fun. Your child will receive a new word each day along with its meaning and how it is used in the context. Moreover, searching the dictionary, thesaurus, and rhyming words library for any word that they want to know the meaning or pronunciation of is also available. Afterward, they can save all their favorite words in a customized dictionary library. If bored, there is also a multiple-choice word game that you can play to enhance your knowledge.

2.    Scholastic Story Starters

With a good grip on vocabulary, your kid is now prepared to write short stories of multiple genres. It can be either sci-fi, fantasy, scrambler, or adventure, simply pick the option and provide your child’s academic experience. Remember this level is going to define the complexity level of the write-up. After this, the system will generate a topic and ask you to select the format of the paper. You can choose from a notebook, letter, postcard, and newspaper format with an option to change it later. There is also a feature that allows the user to include drawings in their story. All in all, this is one of the best resources for your kid because it encourages then to be creative while learning writing.

3.    Write About

Although you are teaching your child at home, they can still learn under a professional’s supervision. The platform, writeabout.com allows the user to create content and share it with the teachers available for assessment. The experts evaluate the quality and accuracy of the content and give feedback. This way your kids can learn from their mistakes and work on them to ace their next writing task. On the other hand, it allows enables them to learn more about writing in a digital space with the newest technologies and designing algorithms. It is a powerful tool for those especially interested in building their career in writing/literature.

4.    826 National

826 National is an online platform where your children learn how to effectively convey their messages and ideas to the world. Not only this, but it also allows you to collaborate with them, offer support, and provide constructive feedback. Moreover, the finished papers can be published via the website to boost the learner’s confidence to continue practicing for better results. Because this physical representation will be the true depiction of all the hard work they’ve done to create one flawless paper. Therefore, it is surely going to keep their writing interests intact.

5.    30 Writing Activities

This website on the internet is the best place to find exciting activities for your child to make writing interesting and fun for them. These activities are designed for learners of primary, secondary, and higher secondary grades to enhance their vocabulary and improve the thought development process. It also enables learners to discover themselves, understand their feelings, and develop good comprehension skills. Plus, you don’t even need to plan the strategies and activities because everything is provided in detail on the platform. It’s just that you need to explore all the pages to achieve the true potential of the learning site.

6.    Kids Health From Nemours

Want your children to be more creative and original? Kids Health From Nemours provides numerous activities, experiments, movie suggestions, and games for your kid. There is also a QA section that includes all the potential questions that might come into a child’s mind. Also, both personal and private questions are answered proficiently. Moreover, they can learn about puberty and how growing up works. You won’t believe it but there are recipes of healthy meals and a list of common health problems, illnesses, and injuries that your child must be aware of. So, take a moment and do your research.

The Bottom Line

Although each resource offers excellent efficiency and reliability, it is on you to decide which one is the best for your child’s growth. Because your kids learn differently than others and nobody but you or their teacher can recognize their true strength and understand what bothers them. Therefore, we advise you to not rush into selecting the digital writing learning platform for them. First, do the research, evaluate, and gather feedback because the platform you choose is going to determine your child’s compositional skills for the rest of their lives. If confused, you can take help from cheap essay writing professionals whenever it is feasible for you.

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