6 Ideas To Consider For Your Next Problem Solution Essay

Drinking the morning coffee and stressing over the untouched essay writing assignment is common among students who are a little too cautious about their academic life. And it is completely fine is you relate to such situations because it shows your commitment and dedication towards your responsibilities.

Since academic writing is not an easy skill to master, there will be moments where you will be distressed and loss at words. Especially while picking the topic for the problem-solution essay, you might be indecisive because you’ll only have one shot to choose one issue among the numerous issues that you’re passionate about. So, how are you going to decide this?

The answer is simple. Just take a moment to look around yourself and highlight problems that need to be addressed immediately. These problems can be either social, personal, political, environmental, or related to any other matter which is important for you. However, remember that the problem-solution essay you compose shouldn’t only include the problem but also a viable solution with actionable measures for the readers.

If you are looking for ideas, check out these 6 problems divided into categories by the cheap essay writing help team for your ease. Just make sure that you write engaging content with powerful prompts to convey your concerns effectively. Also, there should be only one specific topic discussed throughout the paper.

Personal Life Topics

1.    Problem: Conflict with a Close Friend

You might have gotten into trouble for stealing your friend’s stuff or talking behind their back at least once in your life. If not this, then there must be other things that started a dispute between you two no matter how close you are/were. So, you can take this opportunity to write about your feelings and how you fought with the anguish that erupted in your chest.

  • Solution 1: Discuss what measures can peacefully end the clash.
  • Solution 2: Describe the common problems between friends and offer suggestions.
  • Solution 3: State ways to avoid all types of conflicts.

2.    Problem: Family Problems

Whether it is a small or not too serious problem, but problems among or with the family members can affect negatively the mental health. That is why someone must raise their voice for the souls who suffer alone and have no one to share their miseries with.

  • Solution 1: Discuss one particular argument in detail with examples.
  • Solution 2: While keeping the discussion general, give well-articulated solutions for living a happy life.
  • Solution 3: Define ways that can help readers handle tricky situations with ease.

Social Issues

3.    Problem: Sexual Assaults on Campuses

There are many students experiencing things on the college campus that they shouldn’t be. Being sexually assaulted is one such thing that nobody deserves to go through but some of the students still do. So, you can write on this topic to grab the attention of relevant authorities so that they do something about the rape culture that is, unfortunately, becoming common each day.

  • Solution 1: Discuss how the college administration can put an end to the sexual assaults.
  • Solution 2: Discuss if the victims can be provided with a safe space where they can openly talk about their assaults and report them if necessary?
  • Solution 3: Describe how students can be given sex education for better awareness.
  • Solution 4: Encourage other students to talk about the rape culture and feel no shame in opposing what is wrong.

4.    Problem: Suicide

Whether it is because of personal or academic reasons, the suicide ratio is alarmingly increasing in students. If nobody else then you should take this responsibility to find out answers to such shocking revelations that each suicide note/post stated. It’s time to wake up and talk about such issues before the

  • Solution 1: Justify why students think suicide is the better option than to stand strong and face the challenges.
  • Solution 2: Discuss how school teachers and administration can help students with a suicidal mind.
  • Solution 3: What campaigns or activities can be beneficial for such students to release pressure and trust someone else to make them happy again?
  • Solution 4: Should schools offer therapy programs or sessions for students of all levels and fields? If yes, state valid reasons to support your argument along with potential cons.


5.    Problem: Deprivation of Voting Rights

According to legal law, all entitled citizens are eligible to vote. So, why so many people are not granted the right to vote or stand in an election just because they belong to a different race, culture, or community. Make sure all your arguments are in relevance to the legal acts and rules. The paper must be original with all the credible sources properly cited.

  • Solution 1: Discuss the steps and measures the government can take to revive the “voting for all” culture.
  • Solution 2: Discuss how people’s faith can be restored in the legal system and should students be taught about the legal theories in their classes?
  • Solution 3: Explore ways to stop cheating in voting.

6.    Problem: Fundings in Politics

A country’s political parties along with the government receive thousands of funds each year to do something good for the company. However, oftentimes, there is no proper audit carried out to determine where the money comes from and where it went. If you think you have enough knowledge that you can talk on this issue, take a pen and start writing! The country needs a different perspective to help them move forward.

  • Solution 1: Discuss if the government should give a count of the total money they have and how much they’ve spent on the country.
  • Solution 2: Define electoral politics and how can the candidates raise money for their campaigns efficiently.
  • Solution 3: Give a general overview of the constitution and discuss if there is a need to make amendments in it for more efficient voting next time.

Well, the list doesn’t end here. Several other issues need to be addressed and brought insight into the common people. If you can think of any better topic, feel free to suggest to us and we’ll be more than happy to include it in our existing problem-solution essay topic list.

Good luck!

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