50 Good Topics for Research Paper Writing

Before joining your dream college, you only knew you’d have to beat the deadlines and meet the expectations. But what about the tons of research papers that you’d have to write every semester?

Whether you like it or not, today, students are primarily assessed on their writing skills more than practical skills. While writing is not a cakewalk for everyone, it makes most of learners anxious and highly stressed. Especially when the professor has allowed you to choose your research topic, but you’re blank and have no ideas in mind.

So, before you lose your calm, we present you 50 most trending topics from different fields for your next research paper. Know that no matter which topic you choose, each one of them requires thorough research, well-drafting, crafting, and proofreading to make the finished paper look flawless and well-written.

Research Paper Writing Help: 50 Research Paper Topics to Ace Your Grades

1. Health Research Paper Topics

The health research paper covers everything, from addressing clinical diseases, child care to going into rehabilitation after trauma. Check out the list below to pick the most suitable health-related topic today!

  1. Abortion – A woman’s basic right.
  2. AIDS among cancer patients: The trends and patterns to avoid the risks.
  3. A Review – Attention deficit disorder with/without hyperactivity in children.
  4. Depression mechanism.
  5. A Study – Impact of fitness and exercise on overweight children and adults.
  6. HIV infection: Immunopathogenic mechanisms, clinical features & transmission dynamics.
  7. A detailed review of plastic surgery addiction in South Korea
  8. Kids having kids: Economic, social, and cultural consequences.
  9. Effect of sleeping position on sleep apnea in adults.
  10. Dietary factors to prevent heart diseases and strokes.

2. Education Research Paper Topics

Having solid knowledge about the educational sector is important if you want to compose good quality papers. Ensure to include strong arguments, relevant methodologies, and proven educational strategies throughout the content.

  1. Risky Lessons – Should students be given sex education in school?
  2. A Survey – Adult literacy rate in America.
  3. Standardized module for the online education system.
  4. Detecting plagiarism in programming assignments.
  5. Impact of home-schooling on learner’s social skills.
  6. State Scholarship Programs: Making schools more affordable for all.
  7. A literature Review – College admission policies & ex-offender graduates.
  8. Identifying non-verbal learning disabilities and symptoms in high school students.
  9. Healthy routine for athlete students to maintain their academic performance.
  10. Grade Inflation – Causes and consequences.

3. Law and Crime Research Paper Topics

The main idea of law and crime papers is to bring justice to the victim. However, it should include all the suitable laws, rules, acts, and policies to address the assault, fraud, negligence, slander and all other law-breaking activity either violent or non-violent.

  1. A Literature Review- Patient requests and doctor’s responses to assisted suicide.
  2. Debate on minimum drinking age in the United States.
  3. Fewer Guns, Fewer Crimes: Understanding the gun control laws.
  4. Public views and governmental policies on pornography, child rape, and sex crimes.
  5. A Survey – Rising cases of racism and police brutality towards minors in America.
  6. A literature Review – Defending animal rights.
  7. An Overview – Civil rights and freedom of speech movements.
  8. Acquaintance Rape – The untold stories
  9. Changing students’ perceptions of prison and prisoners.
  10. Impact of drug legalization on the economy.

4. Environmental Research Paper Topics

Environmental papers spread awareness about the things that damage our climate and affect our surroundings. It also includes methods to protect our environment and resources that can resolve environmental problems and issues.

  1. The relation between the greenhouse effect and climate change.
  2. Detecting oil spills using machine learning algorithms.
  3. A Survey – Why developing countries are opting for deforestation.
  4. Nuclear prospects and practices.
  5. Pollution Prevention: Steps taken to reduce air, water, and noise pollution.
  6. Towards Better Future: Practicing recycling at home
  7. A Survey – The true potential of wildlife conservation.
  8. Effects and consequences of acid rain on freshwater ecosystems.
  9. A Literature Review – Global warming and wildlife and plants.
  10. A Survey – Sources defined as marine pollution.

5. Political Issues Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on political issues can be time-consuming when you have zero interest in politics. So, choose to write political issues paper only when you know about the world-wide political controversies, negotiations, and conflicts.

  1. A Study – Relation between immigrants and the American economy.
  2. An analysis of international politics.
  3. Reforms to make voting easier and accessible to all.
  4. Taxes: Values, theft, and decisions.
  5. A Review – Steps taken to repair the electoral colleges in the US.
  6. A study on genocide convention.
  7. States, world orders, and social forces: A combination of international theories.
  8. Importance of social security reforms – an analysis.
  9. Effects of globalization on the partisan policy.
  10. A survey – budget deficit, public debt, and economic performance of the US.

Now that you have got a list to choose from, keep these three points in mind.

Choosing and Narrowing a Topic

Each one of the topics can be covered from various perspectives, but you need to choose the one that you can easily explain. You can take help from other authors’ work for ideas and make your research paper writing process easier.

Having Enough Resources

The Internet is the biggest hub for all kinds of information. So, when you can find anything, try searching it on the web and gather relevant information for your paper. Just make sure the sources you choose are authentic and reliable.


Once you have picked the topic, prepared the content, proofread it, don’t forget to cite all the sources. If you don’t understand anything, always seek help. There are expert research paper writers who can guide you and provide expert writing tips to boost your paper quality.

In case you need more ideas, ask your instructor or friends to give suggestions or help you choose one from the above list. Good Luck!

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